Story Lab meets ZFF Academy


Uniting talents
to build creative synergies

In 2021, the ZFF Academy and the Story Lab of the Migros Culture Percentage held for the first time together as programme partners the new special event "Story Lab meets ZFF Academy".

This special event aims to connect the talents of the ZFF Academy and the project partners of the Migros Culture Percentage Story Lab. For an entire afternoon, everything will revolve around a specific theme, different each year.

A special masterclass kicks-off the event, followed by the legendary ZFF Elevator Pitch, and concluded by a Flying Dinner and a crowning of the Master of Pitch. 

This year, everything will revolve around the theme of WORLD BUILDING. In a special masterclass with Roland Emmerich the talents will learn how to create mind-stunning cinematographic worlds. Where to find inspiration? How to get their filmic universes on the screen? And finally, how to make others believe in their created world. The talents can then prove the latter at the following Elevator Pitch, by convincing either producer David Luisi that their idea belongs on to the screen or journalist Marta Balaga, that their created film deserves to be written out to the world.

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