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As a casting director, Luci Lenox has gained experience with some of the most important international players such as Netflix, Amazon or ABC, but also while working on independent productions. In the ZFF Industry Talk she shared her tips and tricks for the casting process from a production perspective, and explained how a careful selection of talent can help to support the international marketing potential of a production.

Moderation: Barbie Heusinger and Mathias Noschis

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Monday, 27.09.21


In cooperation with foreign partners, films can be better financed and their content can be made more attractive. Participation in international training workshops is ideal for making connections abroad and receiving valuable feedback.

MEDIA Desk Suisse presented field reports from Adrian Illien (head writer DAVOS) on his participation in the Torino Series Lab; from Britta Rindelaub (producer Alva Film) in the EAVE+ company development workshop; and from Pascal Trächslin (producer Cineworx) and Arami Ullón (director APENAS EL SOL) in the IDFA Summer Academy.

Moderation: Corinna Marschall

KOSMOS - Forum
Monday, 27.09.21

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At this year's "SRF Writer's Day @ Zurich Film Festival", the authors and series editors of Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) will let us taking a look at their cards: How does a series survive the tough selection process from call for submissions to broadcast?

In a panel of experts, Béla Batthyany ("Wilder"), Mats Frey ("How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)," new SRF series "Tschugger"), Simone Schmid ("Bestatter," new SRF crime series from Basel), Marianne Wendt ("Eden," new SRF series "Neumatt") and SRF series director Bettina Alber will discussed about what makes a good series concept and how it survives the long road to broadcast.

The crowning event was a reading from the latest script version of the historical spy drama series planned for SRF by and with author Adrian Illien as well as Rachel Braunschweig (cast "Neumatt") and Annina Euling (cast "Wilder"). 

KOSMOS - Forum
Monday, 27.09.21 

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