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Leading FeMales in Film - an event during which the image and role of women in the current film industry is being portrayed and the importance of the female voice is being discussed. Experienced female professionals in the film industry explore the notion of diversity and equality in their respective careers.

Equal opportunities, the promotion of women and the reconciliation of work and family life are the issues central to the Müller-Möhl Foundation (mmf). We engage on a national and international level with society and in the fields of commerce, politics and the media to promote these values. Until 2019, the mmf was the driving force behind the Zurich Film Festival’s successful “Women of Impact” sidebar. The proportion of women directors is much lower than that of male directors, and it is much more difficult for women to gain key positions in the film industry, which is why we have joined forces to launch “Leading FeMales in Film”, which brings together both men and women from the film industry to discuss on stage the opportunities open to and challenges faced by women.


Edition 2021


This year's panel was all about Super Women!
We wanted to explore in conversation what it means today to want to advance as a woman in professional and private life. The panelists come from very different cultural backgrounds, but they represent a similar generation of women who have grown up in a world with modern role models and for whom the struggle for recognition at work is still a daily struggle. The superwomen, who allowed us a glimpse into their world of life and work: Linda Hambäck, Christelle Younes and Reine Semaan.


Linda Hamb├Ąck

Linda Hambäck was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1974. She has been working within the filmindustry since the late nineties, when she finished her studies, at Dramatiska Institutet. The Swedish director/producer and owner of the production company LEE Film works mainly with animated films for children. Her first highly recognized feature GORDON & PADDY had its worldpremiere at Berlinale 2018. Now she is visiting ZFF with her second feature THE APE STAR.

Christelle Younes

Born and Raised in Lebanon, Christelle Younes studied cinematography and worked in the advertising field for many years. In 2016 she established Bee On Set Productions, which aims to produce films that are impactful on an international level. Bee On Set Productions has so far produced and line produced several projects for independent directors and for Netflix and Shahid. Christielle Younes is visiting ZFF with the company’s debut feature film DEATH OF A VIRGIN, AND THE SIN OF NOT LIVING.

Reine Semaan

Born and raised in Dubai, Reine Semaan returned to her native Lebanon to study. In 2016, she founded Bee on Set Productions, with Christelle Younes, to produce films with a strong message. What started small got bigger and bigger, and finally they stumbled upon George's script DEATH OF A VIRGIN AND THE SIN OF NOT LIVING. There is still a long way to go and a big challenge, but she will continue to champion films from the region that have a message to spread.

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