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Leading FeMales


Leading FeMales in Film - an event during which the image and role of women in the current film industry is being portrayed and the importance of the female voice is being discussed. Experienced female professionals in the film industry explore the notion of diversity and equality in their respective careers. 

Our panelists come from around the globe and include both rising and renowned filmmakers as well as sellers, distributors, producers, directors, actors, media professionals and industry leaders. We aim to convey an image of modern, self-confident women by discussing their experiences in their respective professions and exploring diversity and equality in their chosen careers.   


Panel 2020: Jeanette Nordahl (Director, WILDLAND), Sandra Guldberg Kampp (Actor, WILDLAND), Bettina Oberli (Director, WANDA, MEIN WUNDER), Sabine Boss (Director, Head of Film ZHdK, ERNSTFALL IN HAVANNA), Monika Schärer (Moderation)


Equal opportunities, the promotion of women and the reconciliation of work and family life are the issues central to the Müller-Möhl Foundation (mmf). We engage on a national and international level with society and in the fields of commerce, politics and the media to promote these values. Until 2019, the mmf was the driving force behind the Zurich Film Festival’s successful “Women of Impact” sidebar. The proportion of women directors is much lower than that of male directors, and it is much more difficult for women to gain key positions in the film industry, which is why we have joined forces with our partner She’s Mercedes this year to launch our new format “Leading FeMales in Film”, which brings together both men and women from the film industry to discuss on stage the opportunities open to and challenges faced by women.