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Data-based Audience Development


This data-based audience workshop aims to provide the cultural sector with the necessary tools to bring its marketing to the next level. Reporting tools will be presented that facilitate data analysis of social media channels, ticketing data, website tracks and newsletter clicks, which can be set up without any IT support. Practical examples are used to show how data can be analyzed and important insights can be drawn for one's own online marketing. One learns how to work most effectively with limited resources and how to choose the right online advertising: SEO and SEA are the biggest individual levers to better position oneself in the internet landscape.

Data-based Audience Development
Monday, September 26, 2022
NZZ Lounge, Theaterstrasse 3, 8001 Zurich

Industry representatives with an INDUSTRY Professional or INDUSTRY Business accreditation can participate in the workshop.

Workshop timetable

Festivals (and the media industry in general) have vast potential in the digital world. The websites have excellent domain authority; people love Google, social media, and people. The websites are just NOT used & optimized correctly. With a correct roadmap, each festival website can be converted into a media machine with high, targeted traffic. The good news is that we have prepared an actionable roadmap & tool stack for festivals to succeed in the digital world.


An unexplored opportunity. You can 10x your website visitors with organic growth & double your conversion rates (ticket sales, etc.) by analyzing data & user behavior. 

10:05-11:30 | ROADMAP & TOOLS & TECH STACK

The only tools you need to succeed in your digital presence. An actionable, clear roadmap digital marketing/analysis plan for festivals (and the rest of the industry).

11:45-13:00 | 

Use the power of your website & channels. Fix technical mistakes, create relevant pages and target correct keywords. Take advantage of your topical authority and gain traffic from the target audience.

Lunch break


Analyze your user behaviour and optimize your website for a better conversion rate. 


Have a powerful impact with a small marketing budget by using remarketing on social media & Google.

The workshop is part of the project RED: A European cooperation project funded by the ERASMUS+ strand of the European Union

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