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Audience & Market Strategies


A programme in cooperation with Focal (Foundation for professional training in cinema and audiovisual media). The 3-module programme is designed for 6 – 10 experienced Swiss producers wishing to increase their skills in marketing, national/international distribution and legal issues. The training programme enables independent producers to tackle the challenges they face in an ever-changing industry. It allows them to understand the dynamics of the market and find new audiences for their films. With AMS, participants learn to shape their movies into unique works and to promote their projects at a very early state.

The 3rd module take place within the framework of the Zurich Film Festival. At the end of the workshop, producers will be given the opportunity to pitch their projects in front of an international jury at festival.

For more information visit: ams.focal.ch



 2020: Noah Bohnert (WOUND) receives AMS Jury Award.