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The ZFF organises a boutique film market with the aim of reviving the film business, which has been suffered from the Corona crisis, and bringing together the most important players in Zurich. The market runs alongside the Zurich Summit Conference from Friday, September 25 – Monday, September 29, 2020. The market will consist of (approx. 20-30 titles) and invites attendees to connect in and exchange in one-to-one meetings via our online „who is who“.

The 20-30 titles will be curated with the support of CAA, Filmnation and Wildbunch, additionally we will include titles of some major European Sales. The San Sebastian Film Festival is our collaboration Partner.

How to attend

Access is granted based on your professional qualification and reserved to industry delegates in the following fields:

  • Distribution
  • Sales
  • Buyers
  • Cinema
  • Programmer

To attend the market you need to request an industry accreditation or industry summit accreditation. If eligible, the ZFF Market add-on will be added by the festival automatically.

Further information or inquiries on eligibility criteria: reta.guetg(at)zff.com